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Benefits of Strength Training

We love strength training for a number of reasons. No matter who you are, you can benefit from adding some weight lifting or resistance exercises to your workout regimen. Yes, weight lifting is often thought of as a tool to help you build large muscles, but even if you aren’t looking to bulk up, you will find that it’s still a great way to help you get in shape. Here are a few of the reasons we love weight training so much.

It builds stamina.

The more repetitions you complete of an exercise, the stronger your muscle fibers get, which means that the next time you go to work out, you will be able to complete more repetitions without feeling winded or sore. This can also affect your stamina in other types of workouts too, because your muscles will be able to support you for longer periods of time.

plankIt burns calories.

Many people think of cardio as the best way to burn calories, but strength training can be just as effective. An intense session in the weight room can knock off hundreds of calories, because your muscles are working so hard. One of the great aspects of strength training as well is that it burns calories much faster than cardio does because it is very focused and difficult. It also is a great way to target excess fat on your body. This is because strength training can help boost your metabolism, so that you burn fat, even between meals.

It increases bone density and strength.

Not only does weight training increase your muscular strength, but it also increases your skeletal strength. Developing strong bones is very important for all humans as we age, because bones naturally deteriorate over time. When combined with lack of exercise or a poor diet, we are subject to diseases like osteoporosis.

equipIt prevents injury.

Many of our injuries come from overuse or muscular imbalances, and one of the best ways to correct these problems and prevent injury is strength training. You can specifically target the weakest areas in your body so that you develop a resistance to chronic pain and tightness.

It can help you feel more confident.

One of the biggest benefits of strength training is that it can effectively target areas of your body that you are uncomfortable with, so that you can lose weight, gain definition, and just feel better about your body in general. With more confidence comes the energy and motivation to try new things.